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I have a requirement where i need to use OBIEE for reporting using SAP BW CUBES/MULTIPROVIDERS.

How can we do it?

Is the BW cube itself is implemented in the OBIEE or the reports those are developed on the BW CUBES can imported into the OBIEE.

Please suggest something or if any good source you can provide.

Thanks, Gaurav

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The BI Server have an import function that can help your to make a connection to a SAP BW service.

Just with a Google search, you have a beautiful article here:

And in the documentation, you can find more information about Xmla data source.

After the configuration of BI Server, you can create manually your reports in Dashboard/Answer.

Success Nico

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There could be issues in importing SAP BW cubes. Once we had to install separate, "tailored for SAP BW"; OBIEE installation provided by Oracle Support. Better if you could resolve such technical issues before investing further.

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