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I'm trying to create a JAVA code formatter such that it doesn't wrap any lines. BUT for any lines in my code that I have manually wrapped I want the formatter to respect them and not format them in to one line.

For example:

public Class {
    public Class(String a,
                 String b,
                 String c,
                 String d) {
         // The constructor arguments should stay as they are


    public void aMethod() {
        // This statement should not be wrapped

I have made the line width 9999 (the max), and I have turned off line wrapping for everything. What have I missed?


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I opened the preference page for "Java - Code Style - Formatter"

and activated "never join lines" and selected "Do not wrap" in the combo box "line wrapping policy"

After this change i was able to write code, which was not wrapped.

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Perfect, thanks! –  C0deAttack Jan 13 '11 at 17:34

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