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When I try and build my solution, the project Utility doesn't build, with the error The type or namespace name 'Devices' could not be found on the following line, yet the project SensorBoards that defines the Devices.SensorBoards namespace builds without error.

using Devices.SensorBoards;

I may be having a lapse here, but what can I do to help diagnose this error?

BTW, the original project builds, but I have tried to isolate a certain group of classes out of the main solution which is 60 projects big and a bit challenging to reverse engineer.

DUH! Silly me, I copied the projects over from the original project one by one, and then added them to the solution, but I didn't update the project references in the projects themselves.

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Dude you may have to open you csproj and check if your reference projects and dll reference are correct,some paths may be screwed up...

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That suggests you don't have a reference from Utility to SensorBoards.

Chances are that the build error actually gives a hint - it should have:

(are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

in it. Given that this is a using directive that's causing the problem, that strongly suggests you should look at your assembly references :)

EDIT: Alternatively, perhaps there aren't any public classes within the Devices.SensorBoards namespace?

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@abmv, @jon, thanks, see my edit for the real problem. I was just being a bit slow today. –  ProfK Jan 13 '11 at 13:13
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