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I have a simple application with an web service created with Apache CXF. This application works when I run the server and the client (as Java applications). When I try to access the application /services URL which is mapped in web.xml, Tomcat gives me 404 error. When I run the project I receive:

org.apache.cxf.service.factory.ServiceConstructionException: Could not find definition for service {http://sendmessage/}SendMessage

If anyone has any hints related to this error I would be glad to hear them. (I searched google and couldn't find something relevant to my situation)

Thank you!

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Here is a related question.… – Theo Briscoe Dec 6 '11 at 1:34

I had same error, mine was related to namespace which were different in wsdl and webservice. So I changed them to the same.


<wsdl:definitions name=""

Webservice class:

@WebService(targetNamespace = "",
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Even I had a similar issue. Fixed it by updating the jaxws:endpoint. I added the serviceName (mapping to the name present in the WSDL file) with the name space as defined in the "targetNamespace" defined in the wsdl:definitions tag.

<jaxws:endpoint id=".." implementor="..." serviceName="s:SERVICE_NAME_IN_WSDL"

Also, I have today that, with Apache CXF 3.0.5 version this issue is not coming; But with Apache CXF 3.1 version, this is coming.

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