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I use Symfony 1.4 and I have two different configurations for the prod and dev environment, the former use the single_address as delivery strategy, and the latter use the spool:

    class: sfMailer
      delivery_strategy: single_address
      delivery_address:  my@email
        class: Swift_SmtpTransport

    class: sfMailer
      delivery_strategy: spool
      spool_class:       Swift_PropelSpool
      spool_arguments:   [ MailMessage, message, getSpooledMessages ]      
        class: Swift_SmtpTransport            

I was wondering if Symfony could add automatically, in the dev environment, some text to the mail subject (i.e. [DEVELOPMENT EMAIL - PLEASE DISCARD]).

Thanks a lot

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From the part where you are sending the e-mail you can use the sfConfig::get('sf_environment') variable to set your subject.

$subject = 'Some Subject';
if (sfConfig::get('sf_environment') == 'dev')
  $subject = '[DEVELOPMENT EMAIL - PLEASE DISCARD] ' . $subject;

To do this globally you can use a base Mailer class as described in http://www.symfony-project.org/gentle-introduction/1_4/en/11-Emails#chapter_11_email_messages_as_classes

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