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i am having a problem in uploading files.. i want to allow users to upload files which the system allows...

for example.. I allow files to be uploaded by users having extension of *.jpg. So, in the file selection window they must see only files with the jpg extension.

So, how can i get this in RoR..?

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The answer to this question is probably more related to html uploading than rails.

When you want to upload a file, you typically do an input with type="file".

This can be done in Rails by using the file_field_tag helper. It will generate an input with type="file" which can also have an accept attribute, but you can't really use that because it's not really going to have any visible effect. This attribute accepts MIME types, not extensions, and most browsers don't even use it.

The best thing you can do is probably have a javascript check the file extension before upload (after you select the file from the dialog box). Read more about it in this question.

The point is, you can't force the OS to show you only the file extensions that you want. You can either validate the extension by using JS for example, before upload, or check the contents of the file after upload, server side

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Using Javascript is not a good idea because it can be easily circumvented. Better go with server-side validation, e.g. as supported by Paperclip. –  tinytiger Jan 22 '11 at 17:08
I'm not recommending the use of javascript for validation, but as a formality only (I mean.. why let someone upload a picture with a wrong extension). If the user uploads a file, even with the required extension, its obviously that it must be checked server-side. but that's not the issue here. the question was if it can be validated before upload (probably to save the time for uploading something that's not valid. at least that's how i see it) –  Andrei S Jan 22 '11 at 17:43

Firstly you can use extname method to validate files you are saving. http://apidock.com/ruby/File/extname/class

Secondly I use Paperclip gem https://github.com/thoughtbot/paperclip for uploading files. There is validate_attachment_content_type method for validating extensions: http://rdoc.info/gems/paperclip/2.3.8/Paperclip/ClassMethods#validates_attachment_content_type-instance_method

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With HTML5 you can use the :accept for limiting mime-types, like so:

 <%= file_field_tag :csv_file,  :accept => 'text/csv' %>
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