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There have been numerous questions about creating new rules, and creating rulesets. Those are also the topics covered (or should I say mentioned) by the official documentation.

But what if i want to adapt an existing rule? E.g. i want to modify the "static final members should be all-caps" rule to ignore the logger. I know this decision is controversial but we have reached a team-wide consensus on that

Do I have to download and tweak the source distribution? I hope there is a better way.

A better way could also involve using a different code review framework with easy-as-pie customization, although I would prefer not to change horses in midstream.

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You've undoubtedly moved on from this by now, but providing an answer for those who see this question in the future.

You can extend a Java rule by creating your own Java rule that subclasses the built in PMD one. Then you create your own ruleset XML that points to your Java rule.

Unfortunately, the VariableNamingConventions rule has all the logic in a private method without extension points. You'd probably do better to create your own rule that wraps theirs. That way you can check for your special case and then delegate to the existing rule for the rest.

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Thanks, Jeanne. I ended up extending the VariableNamingConventions and wrapping the visit method for the ASTFieldDeclaration. Extending the AbstractJavaRule may have been better in retrospect though. –  kostja Feb 28 '11 at 8:31

You can use XPath to create your copy of the rule right in the rule set file. The declarative nature of XPath takes a bit of getting used too but it can make short work of complex rules.



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The blog entries seem to explain how to add new PMD rules and rulesets using XPath while my intention was to modify an existing rule to exclude certain variables by name. Is it a misunderstanding? –  kostja Nov 22 '11 at 18:28

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