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A recent Aquarium Blog post mentions a modernization of the JMS API to be included in Java EE 7. Are there any information resources on the Internet on this topic?

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Here is a list of JSRs (Look at JSR 316). When more details become available they will create a JSR for Java EE 7 and until then everything is speculation.

Reading the article you posted there is a telling quote:

Of course, all it's still early days and a lot can change once the expert groups form and get to work.

Basically EE 7 is in the very early days and the standardization process hasn't even really started.

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There were a few words being said about this on Devoxx '10:

JMS is an old specification, which need to evelove for addressing new communication layers:

  • resolving specification ambiguities
  • standardized vendor extension
  • integration with other specifications
  • integration with the web tier
  • (websocket, JSON, NIO2)

It's not much yet, hopefully more will be revealed soon. There was btw also a JMS BOF at Devoxx. Perhaps someone took notes of that?

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There is now JSR 343: JavaTM Message Service 2.0:

Changes that will be considered by the Expert Group for inclusion in this new revision include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Changes to improve ease of development
  • Clarification of the relationship between the JMS and other Java EE specifications
  • Definition of a new mandatory API to allow any JMS provider to be integrated with any Java EE application server
  • Extensions to support Java EE 7
  • Other enhancements as requested by the community
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