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How to use monitors in PHP?

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Related (and possible duplicate): PHP mutual exclusion (mutex) – ircmaxell Jan 13 '11 at 16:13
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I might be wrong but i thought that the server side model of execution of php is single threaded (aka no more than one thread). In fact i think this is one of reasons of PHP's success. If this is the case i doubt is relevant how do you use synchronization primitives in php.

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PHP is single threaded so there is no need for synchronization.

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PHP is single threaded, but if you want to have something like mutex between different processes and you use PHP5, you can simply use built-in session locking to achieve this. Just combine session_start and session_commit at correct places.

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Sessions are not meant to be a cross-process mutex. And they likely shouldn't be abused in such a manor. There are a few other alternatives, but Sessions are not one of them... – ircmaxell Jan 13 '11 at 16:13

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