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-(IBAction)changeSegmentDistance:(UISegmentedControl *)sender{
//  refineDistance=sender;

    switch ([refineDistance selectedSegmentIndex]) {
        case 0:
            NSLog(@"value String %d",valueString);  
        case 1:
            NSLog(@"value Stringaaaa %d",valueString);  

        case 2:
            NSLog(@"value String %d",valueString);
        case 3:
            NSLog(@"value String %d",valueString);

When i running application and printing on Console

using NSLog...

when i select 0 its printing 5... when i selected 1 its printing 10 and 15 when i selected 2 its printing 15 when i selected 3 its printed 16..

I dont know why its printing 10 and 15 when i selected 2nd.

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You're missing a "break;" at the end of your "case 1" statement block. As such, execution is continuting into the next case statement.

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Ooops @ middaparka thanks dude. –  kiran kumar Jan 13 '11 at 16:37
@kiran kumar - No problems - it happens to us all. :-) –  middaparka Jan 13 '11 at 16:45

You are missing a break for case 1.

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