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I am going to develop ICQ client and I just wonder where can I find a reference to understand the protocols they used? Any links, books, etc.
And, by the way, if I am not mistaken - all ICQ clients - QIP, Miranda, ICQ Lite and others - uses the same version of protocol to communicate correctly with ICQ servers?

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libpurple is a library that implements lots of IM protocols, among them the oscar protocol used by icq. It is used by many IM clients and is pretty stable, so I recommend you just use it. If you want to understand oscar though, studying libpurple might be a good idea.

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it`s a library implemented in C++, right? so I can use any library in C++ I want to? QT, boost, etc.? – chester89 Jan 22 '09 at 8:28

Wikipedia has an article on the OSCAR protocol, although it's proprietary.

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Pidgin is open source, perhaps you can refer to its source code.

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