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Ok, this is what I want to do:

public static void CallStaticMethod(Type myType, String methodName, Object[] parameters)
     MethodInfo m = myType.GetMethod(methodName); // make this compile-time safe
     m.Invoke(null, parameters);                  // methodName method is supposed to be static

Now, myType.GetMethod(methodName) can fail at runtime if "methodName" does not exist.
Is there any way to make this compile-time safe?
(supposing the parameters are correct)

I'd like to call the method somehow like this:

CallStaticMethod(()=>MyType.MyMethod(), Object[] parameters)

notice that this doesn't work since you need to specify the arguments inside the lambda expression.

In other words, I need a compile-time safe handle on a method. I can get one on a type using typeof(), but is it possible for a method?

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Use function pointers, that is, delegates. Simple example:

delegate int StringIntParse(string value);

    public static int Main(string[] args)
        StringIntParse p = int.Parse;
        Console.WriteLine(p.DynamicInvoke(new object[] { "43" }));
        return 0;

You can use DynamicInvoke on any delegate, e.g.:

static object InvokeAnyDelegate(Delegate d, params object[] args)
    return d.DynamicInvoke(args);
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