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I am trying to insert multiple objects into my db.

foreach (employee employeedata in employeelist) { objectcontext.employees.AddObject(employeedata); } objectcontext.SaveChanges();

I call objectcontext.savechanges outside the loop so that it is efficient. The problem is that I would like to get a list of primary keys that are generated by the db.

If I am inserting a single object using objectcontext.employees.AddObject(employeeA) I could get the id after saving changes as employeeA.id. I am not sure of how to go about this now that I am adding a list of objects to the object context and then calling savechanges that inserts these into the db. Am I missing something obvious here? Thanks,

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Just iterate through your list again and check Ids. If you are using autogenerated column in DB, Ids will be filled.

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do some thing like this

foreach (employee employeedata in employeelist)
 employeeA.id // Will give you id
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