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Hello I have a problem with a session. When I use a session to pass a variable to another page the values of that variable always still the same in the other page. No matter what row I selected. When I change the "action" to the same page where the variable is, the value shows correct. Sorry for my bad English if someone speak Spanish let my know to explain better. I really need help in this.

Here is my code:


include_once 'rnheader.php';


$ticket_select = $_POST['serviceID'];

echo '<a href = "rnservices.php">  Create Service</a> ';

echo '<table border="1" >';

echo '<tr>';
echo '<th>Service ID</th>';
echo '<th>Title</th>';
echo '<th>Description</th>';
echo '<th>Notes</th>';
echo '<th>Submit By</th>';
echo '<th>Assigned Employee</th>';
echo '<th>Assigned Group</th>';
echo '<th>Category</th>';
echo '<th>Status</th>';
echo '<th>Urgency</th>';
echo '<th>Customer</th>';
echo '<th>Day Created</th>';
echo '</tr>';

$query = ("SELECT ServiceID, Title, Description, Notes, SubmitBy, AssignedEmp, " .
"AssignedGroup, NameCategory, TipoStatus, TiposUrgencia, CustomerName, DayCreation FROM Service");
$result = queryMysql($query);

while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {

    echo '<tr>';

    echo '<td><form method ="post" action="rnservices1.php">';
    <input type="submit"  name="serviceID" value=<?php echo $row['ServiceID']?>
    echo '</form>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['Title'].'</td>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['Description'].'</td>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['Notes'].'</td>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['SubmitBy'].'</td>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['AssignedEmp'].'</td>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['AssignedGroup'].'</td>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['NameCategory'].'</td>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['TipoStatus'].'</td>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['TiposUrgencia'].'</td>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['CustomerName'].'</td>';
    echo '<td>'.$row['DayCreation'].'</td>';
    echo '</tr>';


echo $ticket_select;
$_SESSION['serviceID'] = $ticket_select;


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Is it a case issue?

$_SESSION['serviceID'] = $ticket_select;
<input type="submit"  name="serviceID" value=<?php echo $row['ServiceID']?>
$ticket_select = $_POST['serviceID'];

Notice the middle one has a capital S on ServiceID and the other two are serviceID.

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uery = "SELECT Title from Service where ServiceID = '$ticket_select'"; $result = queryMysql($query); echo 'Number of Rows: ' . mysql_num_rows($result); ?> <input type="" id="Title" name="Title" size = "58" value="<?php echo $ticket_select; ?>"/><br/> <?php –  maltad Jan 13 '11 at 18:11
The value is working when I use echo $ticket_select; but in the page where the variable was created. When I use it in the other page is where the value of the variable dont change. –  maltad Jan 13 '11 at 18:13
Can you post the other page? –  Cory Dee Jan 13 '11 at 18:20
this is how I add the code of the session in the other page: –  maltad Jan 13 '11 at 20:07
error_reporting(E_ALL); session_start(); $ticket_select = $_SESSION['serviceID']; destroySession(); –  maltad Jan 13 '11 at 20:08

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