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Hi guys I am new to iphone app development. I want to develop a application which contains tab bar ,navigation bar & middle part of view contains UIImageView. When my application will launch it will show main view .On main view I want to add "Loading view " for connecting to server which contains text (Connecting.. & so on) & activity indicator, like this view pointed by red arrow =>

How can I add this view?

My app contains 4 tabs on main view in which last tab is more. I completed tab bar part using tab bar controller as rootViewController . How to add navigation bar ? I want navigation bar for whole app. I mean to say when i select first tab new view will appear ,select 2nd tab => new view & so on. I want navigation bar & back button for all tabs so that I can return to my main screen containing all 4 tabs . Also i want to hide my tab bar when i select tab bar item & animated to new view.

Please help me guys. Any links to tutorial , code or video is more helpful...

Thanks in advance.

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Please comment on answers rather than adding your own answers as replies. This is not a forum. Thanks! – Michael Myers Jan 14 '11 at 16:55

Try this video tutorial. It covers a lot and should get you on your way.

Pause it, replay some parts, whatever works.

Building an iPhone App Combining Tab Bar, Navigation and Tab O'REILLY

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A good place to start is the View Controller Programming Guide and the section on Tab Bar Controllers. This is Apple documentation and the guide has step-by-step instructions in implementing different view controllers. You should also read the chapter on UINavigationController.

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If you want to add a tab bar and a navigation bar simultaneously in a not tabbed view application, just create a UIViewController subclass, add a Tab Bar in the view, add its tab bar items and set a delegate to File´s Owner and a referencing outlet to File´s owner. For the last one, write in the .h:

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
@interface MyView : UIViewController{
    IBOutlet UITabBar *tabBarController;
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