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I'm trying to set the assigned value to a YUI Menu Button in order to use values from previous operations.

Something like remembering previous choices.

For label I already know that I can change it with: button.set("label", "my label")

unfortunatelly I cannot change the value using: button.set("value", "my value")

Any ideia on how can I do this?

Other way would be to force a selection, but I have no ideia on how to do that.


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just found out that you can use:

var menu = button.getMenu();
var item = menu.getItem(index);
button.set("selectedMenuItem", item);

all that is left for me now is finding the needed index

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Warning: do not forget to set the button with "lazyloadmenu: false" –  IvoC Jan 13 '11 at 18:47

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