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Can I upgrade my MVC2 project to MVC3 and continue to use my ASPX views, AND at the same time start writing some new views in Razor?

More specifically, Can I take an ASPX view page, and a Razor control in it? Would such a thing be possible?

Any other things one should look out for?

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You can definitely mix view engines across totally separate views. As for putting Razor "controls" in an ASPX page, if you use RenderPartial, it should work.

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One thing I would watch out for is that if you use Master Pages then you may end up duplicating them for both view engines. I had a good ol' WebForms Master Page, used by all my regular .aspx content files, but creating a new view using Razor means I have to use a duplicate Razor layout page alongside that old Master Page.

I haven't looked into it too much, but at first try I get 'The file "~/Views/Shared/Site.Master" could not be rendered, because it does not exist or is not a valid page.' and certainly there's nothing in Scott Gu's blog entry introducing Razor to suggest you can combine them, but I could be all wrong here.

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