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I wanted to ask if you could call in a program written in Ocaml a program written in python , and if the answer is yes how do I do?

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What exactly are you intending to do? Do you want to run it and forget about it? Then do a fork/exec. Do you want run it and wait until it's finished but otherwise do nothing? Then use Sys.command. Do you want to read/write to it? Then uses Unix.open_process* (or Unix.create_process*).

For example, if I want to run ls and print out the results, I can do this:

let ls = Unix.open_process_in "ls"
  while true do
    Printf.printf "%s\n" (input_line ls)
with End_of_file -> ()
Unix.close_process_in ls
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I call the program in python within of the program ocaml and use the output within this program. –  Tanuzzo88 Jan 14 '11 at 8:06
Then use open_process or create_process. You can find some documentation here: caml.inria.fr/pub/docs/manual-ocaml/libref/Unix.html –  Niki Yoshiuchi Jan 14 '11 at 15:23

Don't have any real life experience with this, but this sounds interesting (from the Integrating Python with other languages wiki):

Pycaml: write Python extension modules in OCaml (instead of C), and use Python code and native libraries from OCaml programs.

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You can execute commands using Sys.command, so you can just do Sys.command "python foo.py", assuming python is in your path and foo.py is in the current directory.

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If your program is an executable (otherwise you would compile it ;) ) you can use the Unix module as you use it in C, for example :

let program = "path_to_python_program_exe" in

match Unix.fork () with
    | 0 -> (try
          Unix.execvp program [|program; "any_more_args_here"|]
          _ -> printf "%s" "error while execv\n"; exit (-1))
    | -1 -> printf "%s" "error accured on fork\n"
    | _ -> ignore (wait ()); printf "%s" "parent exit...\n"

When you compile, you use the unix.cma for the compiler: ocamlc unix.cma you_ml.ml

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Looks like you can use the Shell library.

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It depends on your exact requirements, but you can use pythons os.system() to execute an program in the same way you would call it from the command line. That should be a good starting point.

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That's the opposite thing - calling a ocaml program from a python program. Not what was asked at all. Also, don't use os.system() since the subprocess module is preferable. –  nosklo Jan 13 '11 at 18:33

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