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I have a BoundField that's using a Datafield linked to a datetime type variable. I want to display only the time, not the date. How do you show the time in 24-hour format or in AM/PM format, depending on a boolean in the code behind.


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Try something like this:

<%# Eval("AmPmMode").ToString().Equals("true")) ? 
String.Format("{0:hh}:{0:mm} {tt}", Eval("date")) : 
String.Format("{0:HH}:{0:mm}", Eval("date"))  %>

You can format your date for AM PM mode or for 24h mode. tt is the AM/PM designator. AmPmMode is flag from you DB, should be true or false, but you could change it to 0 or 1.

See also:

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Just to clarify, AmPmMode would have to be a property of the object being bound to the grid, right? –  Greg Jan 13 '11 at 19:41
In my case it would be part of the Datasource, if it's a property, you don't need the Eval() part. –  Remy Jan 13 '11 at 19:42

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