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Occasionally, on a ASP (classic) site users will get this error:

[DBNETLIB][ConnectionRead (recv()).]General network error.

Seems to be random and not connected to any particular page. The SQL server is separated from the web server and my guess is that every once and a while the "link" goes down between the two. Router/switch issue... or has someone else ran into this problem before?

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Using the same setup as yours (ie separate web and database server), I've seen it from time to time and it has always been a connection problem between the servers - typically when the database server is being rebooted but sometimes when there's a comms problem somewhere in the system. I've not seen it triggered by any problems with the ASP code itself, which is why you're seeing it apparently at random and not connected to a particular page.

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I wanted to add this resource to the discussion here since this is such a common error and rather confusing to diagnose. This is a PowerPoint that Microsoft put together on the topic:


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Link is now broken, closest thing I could find is now at: support.microsoft.com/kb/887126/en-us –  Mansfield Mar 21 '13 at 15:56

SQL server configuration Manager

Disable TCP/IP , Enable Shared Memory & Named Pipes

Good Luck !

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What if the server needs to be available on the network? –  Anthill Nov 10 '12 at 19:32

I'd seen this error many times. It could be caused by many things including network errors too :).

But one of the reason could be built-in feature of MS-SQL.

The feature detects DoS attacks -- in this case too many request from web server :).

But I have no idea how we fixed it :(.

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Not a solution exactly and not the same environment. However I get this error in a VBA/Excel program, and the problem is I have a hanging transaction which has not been submitted in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). After closing SSMS, everything works. So the lesson is a hanging transaction can block sprocs from proceeding (obvious fact, I know!). Hope this help someone here.

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