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I am not finding the documentation for jQuery set version of .position()? All I see is the get version at

The usage is like:

            my: "center",
            at: "center",
            of: ElementPositionedAgainstTo,
            offset: "0 0"
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Probably because there is none. Retrieve coordinates, then calculate your needed position and apply with .css();... Just an idea, tho'. – jolt Jan 13 '11 at 19:32

That is jQuery UI .position()

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I thought it was a core one. Thanks. – Tony_Henrich Jan 13 '11 at 19:32

Tony's comment is correct. Use:


for position relative to parent (which, yes, confusingly is css-wise position:absolute). Unless you truly want to set things absolute to the document edges. In that case use offset(), which does have a setter variant (and will do a hell lot of math for you calculating offsets ascending through the tree)

The usual caveats:

  • don't forget px as units. Unless you fancy something else like 'em'...
  • object needs CSS style 'position:absolute;' and 'display:block' (unless implicit)
  • direct parent must be position:relative (or absolute, but at least something set, as a 'stopper')
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