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I have an object with large interface and I would like to record all its method calls done during a user session. Ideally this sequence of calls would be available as source code:

myobj.MethodB("spam", false);

I would then convert this code to a test case to have a kind of automated smoke/load test.

WCF Load Test can do this for WCF services and CodedUI test recorder can do this for UIs. What are my options for a POCO class? I am in position to edit application code and replace the object in question with some recording/forwarding proxy.

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You could conceivably do this with Rhino.Mocks.

var code_builder = new StringBuilder();

var myobj = MockRepository.GenerateStub<IMyObj>();

myobj.Stub(x => x.MethodA(Arg<int>.Is.Anything))
    .WhenCalled(x => code_builder.AppendLine(
        string.Format("myobj.MethodA({0});", x.Arguments[0]));

myobj.Stub(x => x.MethodB(Arg<string>.Is.Anything, Arg<bool>.Is.Anything))
    .WhenCalled(x => code_builder.AppendLine(
        string.Format("myobj.MethodB({0}, {1});", x.Arguments[0], x.Arguments[1]));

Once you've recorded all of the values, you've got all the calls in the StringBuilder, and you can do with that what you will.

It might actually be less work to create a new implementation of the interface that builds up the code in a similar fashion within each method. You may need the implementation to actually function in order for the user to get through the session, in which case you could create a class that derives from or decorates your implementation of the interface, and adds this code-building functionality while forwarding calls to/from the "normal" object.

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Thanks, but this requires coding string.Format for each method and the interface is too large to do that by hand. –  Constantin Jan 13 '11 at 21:43

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