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In android, I am loading a large United States map from the web inside a webview.

The map is very large and what I would like to do is have the page pre-centered and possibly even pre-zoomed in on a certain part of the map.

For example, in an earlier part of my app the user types in a zip code. I would like the webview to be autofocused on that area of the map.

Please don't suggest using google maps!

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How are we supposed to know without knowing what website, what map, or anything about what you're doing? – Falmarri Jan 13 '11 at 20:19

Afaik you want your map to be centered in pointed place. WebView exposes few methods which allow you to get current scale, zoom in/out and scroll. So you have to do some math and use them to scroll and zoom to certain part.

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