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I create a role in oracle database and I am able to set role to user in SQLPLUS as below:

SQL> set role all_temper_role;

Role set.

But I need to set this role in oracle report and I use:


But this is not working. Please advise me how set this role inside of my oracle report program.

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You probably want to make your role name uppercase, unless you know for a fact you created it with lower case characters:

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Oracle offers a better way to achieve this through its built-in row level security (RLS) mechanism (also known as fine grained access control or FGAC).We have done FGAC for our report.

According to previous documents,

1) added a user parameter P_CONC_REQUEST_ID 2) added "srw.user_exit('FND SRWINIT');" to the BeforeReport trigger 3) added "srw.user_exit('FND SRWEXIT');" to the AfterReport trigger

We hope it may help you.

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The Property Inspector (at the report level) contains a "Role Name" property. Experience has taught me that this is the best solution.

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