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It seems boost::python and boost::thread don't really like each other for what I can tell.

Please refer to http://pastebin.com/Cy123mJK

This is a simplification of the problems I am having with my boost::python and boost::thread-based application.

If anyone can tell me why these problems are occurring; I have no clue, since I strictly make sure python interaction is done with one thread at once.

At some point, the program crashes with a segfault for no obvious reason. Also, it's impossible to catch this crash it seems...

Help much appreciated!

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You are running python in multiple threads at the same time in Producer::run() and Consumer::run().

To be exact, you run this before locking the mutex:

boost::python::object writer = this->k->Get<boost::python::object>("write");

Maybe you didn't realize that Boost eventually calls PyObject_GetItem when you call boost::python::object::operator[](const std::string&) in Keeper::Get. You need to move that Get-call to the correct location, after locking and before using the returned function:

  boost::mutex::scoped_lock l(this->k->python_keeper);
  boost::python::object writer = this->k->Get<boost::python::object>("write");

Edit: Removed Py_Finalize(). Yes you are right, boost.python doesn't like it.

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Hi, thanks for the answer. I have incorporated your suggestion in the test program, it's running at the moment. Also, boost::python documentation claims Py_Finalize() shouldn't be called: ur1.ca/2zuwb –  cpf Jan 24 '11 at 7:16
The test program has been running since my last comment without interruption. I thank you for spotting my thinking error! –  cpf Jan 25 '11 at 17:33

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