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I'm trying to debbug my actionscript (AS3) code on Client side that works with Flash Media Server 4 on localhost. Everything seems fine up to that point.

However, when I'm trying to test my player with other remote streaming servers, I notice bugs because of lower bandwith transmission between the server and the player.

Is there a simple way to simulate lower bandwith with FMS4 on localhost ?

  • by config, application.xml, etc.?
  • by programmation (main.asc) ?
  • both ?
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If you want to think a little outside of the box, you could use an application such as NetLimiter. Just make a filter for the specific application and you can throttle the bandwidth to whatever speed you'd like (down to bytes).


Also, with some brief googling, I was able to find client.setBandwidthLimit and BandwidthCap in the Application.xml file.

There's also an article on Configuring Limiting Bandwidth (if that helps).

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Thank you. I tried NetLimiter 4 hours ago, but after using the software, i didn't have succeed with my tests. Maybe I use badly the software, or the version that I use don't support RMTP. i will try again tommorow. –  ethiers Jan 14 '11 at 3:29

In accordance with this article "Configuring Limiting Bandwidth" (see link above - thank Brad Christie) i choose to go with Server-Side ActionScript (SSAS) way. More simple, i think.

Well, here the step what i did :

  1. Make a file "main.asc" et copy & paste the code below.

    more info : http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=31217


    var bandwidth;
    application.allowDebug = true;
    // Application callback functions
    application.onConnect = function(client, user) {
        //12800 = 100 Kbps  
        //64000 = 500 Kbps
        //131072 = 1Mbps
        //327680 = 2.5 Mbps
        //983040 = 7.5 Mbps
        //1966080 = 15 Mbps 
        //3932160 = 30 Mbps 
        //6553600 = 50 Mbps 
        //15728640 = 120 Mbps
        bandwidth = 64000;
        client.setBandwidthLimit(bandwidth, bandwidth); 
        trace("clientToServer = " + client.getBandwidthLimit(0) +  " serverToClient="+  client.getBandwidthLimit(1));
        trace("17 janvier TEST");
  2. Save the file under the folder underneath FMS's applications directory

    Example : FMS\application\dyn

  3. Start the FMS server. If there is a problem, check the log file

    Example : FMS\logs_defaultVHost_\dyn_definst_\application.00.log

  4. (optional) Change the value ofthe variable bandwidth for your test. I put in comment some common internet connection speed converted in bytes.

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