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I need some help with the syntax of hook_link_alter . My code is

function modulename_link_alter(&$links, &$node, $comment = null){
  foreach($links as $module=>$link){
    if (isset($links['link_id'])) {

This does not remove the link.

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2 Answers 2


function mymodule_link_alter(&$links, $node) {
  foreach ($links as $module => $link) {
    if (strstr($module, 'blog')) {

Replace blog with where ever you need it to remove

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i tried it, it does not remove the link – user550265 Jan 13 '11 at 22:36

It can be very simple, put this in a custom module. It is good practice to have your own module dedicated to site tweaks.

function mycustomsitemodule_link_alter(&links, $node) {

Bare minimum needed to get rid of a link.

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