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I am getting one confusion on code splitting. Does GWT creates a javascript file for every GWT.runasync. If not how the splitting is performed i.e. how it groups several content of the code from void success from GWT.runasync into the javascript file??

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The GWT compiler generates another permutation file for each instance of runAsync()

Permutations are also created for each language, user agent, etc., so if your app calls runAsync() twice, targets six user agents and is localized to 10 languages, you'll have 180 permutations:

(initial + 2 split chunks) * 6 user agents * 10 languages

Each permutation corresponds to one GWT-generated cache.html file.

For example, one of these files may contain the initial download JS for Firefox in French. Another may be "chunk 2" for Safari in German.

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thanks, i was getting some confusion with this – Noor Jan 13 '11 at 22:44

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