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The idea is to animate a cloud div and to have it animate back and forth horizontally in perpetuity. This works, but unfortunately I think it's prone to memory leaks and UI lag. Any advice would be appreciate, thanks.

function animateCloud() {
    $('#cloud').animate({ right: '+=500' }, { duration: 35000, easing: "linear", queue: true });

function animateOpposite() {
    $('#cloud').animate({ right: '-=500' }, { duration: 35000, easing: "linear", queue: true });

$(document).ready(function() {
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I don't think that your code leaks memory at all, but you can create the call shorter.

function animateCloud() {
    $('#cloud').animate({ right: '+=500' }, { duration: 35000, easing: "linear" })
               .animate({ right: '-=500' }, { duration: 35000, easing: "linear", complete: animateCloud });


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Use the optional callback argument. When an animation finishes, jquery will call your function. Perfect time to animate other direction.

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