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I have to validate a comma seperated list of zip code such as "95123, 95%, 95222, 95%-8__, 95333"

i have the regular expression ^\d{5}(-?\d{4})?(,\d{5}(-?\d{4})?)*$ that works to get valid zips without underscores and percentage characters. how can i modify the regular expression to work on the example string?

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this one is close. the only thing it doesn't do is allow for % as a zip. ^(((([\d\x5F]{5})|([\d\x5F]{1,4}\x25))(-([\d\x5F]{4})|([\d\x5F]{1,3}\x25))?)\s*,‌​\s*)*(((([\d\x5F]{5})|([\d\x5F]{1,4}\x25))(-([\d\x5F]{4})|([\d\x5F]{1,3}\x25))?)\‌​s*)$ – Brent Jan 14 '11 at 16:39

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Why not split the string up on commas, then use the regular expression on each zip code?

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great question. it's becuase my validator uses the regex and going around it will be more work than getting a proper regex (i hope) – Brent Jan 13 '11 at 22:49

As long as you're not too worried about validation:


That should do what you need, just perform a match-all to get each entry.

Note: I don't do any checks to make sure they have enough numbers (like invalidate 123_ or %2_-__23 for instance if _ just means "1 character")

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thanks that's getting close. if the user enters "12345, 12%" the regex should match. if they enter "12345-1" or "95" it should not. in expresso the regex matches invalid zip formats. – Brent Jan 13 '11 at 23:10

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