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Has anyone had experience dealing with DB2 stored procedures which take a CLOB input parameter and calling that stored procedure from BizTalk?

I've tried changing the schema type to string, base64binary, hexbinary, byte, but no matter what I get this error:

Error details: The parameter value for parameter 1 could not be converted to a native data type. Parameter Name: P_EML_BODY, Data Type: Long strings of input text<br> More long strings of input text <br>More long strings of input text, Value : CharForBit

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It might be the way the parameters are being created and in what order. Take a look here. Are any of them null or empty?

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All the parameters are in order and have the correct values. I output the message XML right before I send it and have verified this. –  Stephanie Jan 19 '11 at 16:53

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