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I have an issue with the below stored procedure. It runs fine as long as I don't uncomment the last insert INSERT. If I were to uncomment the last INSERT, I get the following error:

Msg 547, Level 16, State 0, Procedure InsertRecipeWithTags, Line 42 The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_Tag_TagRecipe". The conflict occurred in database "RecipeBox", table "RecipeDetails.Tag", column 'tagID'. The statement has been terminated.

For clarification, I have three tables:

recipe(id, title, introduction, directions)
recipeTag(id, recipeID, tagID)
tag(id, name)

So if I try to insert into the recipeTag table I get the above error. Please advise.


CREATE PROCEDURE [RecipeDetails].[InsertRecipeWithTags]
    variables that map to columns
@title varchar(50),
@intro varchar(255),
@directions varchar(2200),
@ingredients varchar(2200),
@difficulty varchar(6), /*need check constraint setting difficulty to "beginner" "medium" or "expert"*/
@prepTimeHour tinyint,
@prepTimeMinute tinyint,
@inactiveTimeHour tinyint,
@inactiveTimeMinute tinyint,
@servings tinyint,
@photo varbinary(MAX),
@tagName varchar(50),
@tagdescription varchar(255)



    DECLARE @RecipeID int, @TagID int

    INSERT INTO RecipeDetails.Recipe (title, intro,directions, ingredients, difficulty, 
    prepTimeHour, prepTimeMinute, inactiveTimeHour, inactiveTimeMinute, servings, photo)
    VALUES (@title, @intro,@directions, @ingredients, @difficulty, @prepTimeHour, @prepTimeMinute,
    @inactiveTimeHour, @inactiveTimeMinute, @servings, @photo)


    SELECT * FROM RecipeDetails.Recipe WHERE recipeID = @RecipeID;

    INSERT INTO RecipeDetails.Tag (name, description)
    VALUES (@tagName, @tagdescription)


    SELECT * FROM RecipeDetails.Tag WHERE tagID = @TagID;

    /*INSERT INTO RecipeDetails.TagRecipe (tagID, recipeID)
    VALUES (@RecipeID, @TagID)*/
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Reverse the order?

INSERT INTO RecipeDetails.TagRecipe (tagID, recipeID)
VALUES (@TagID, @RecipeID)

You had then the wrong way around

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That's it! Thanks! I'm still a very new to this stuff and that was helpful! – user568171 Jan 14 '11 at 0:53

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