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Let's say I have a solution/project called myTest, which just has a myTest.cpp file. In some completely separate folder (a Subversion folder on my desktop, for example), I have a myTest.h file.

In Xcode, I can drag myTest.h into the "Groups and Files" pane and I will be able to use myTest.h by putting #include "myTest.h in myTest.cpp.

Is there any similar functionality for Visual Studio 2010? Dragging the file into the "Solution Explorer" pane does not work. I can set the "Include Directories" property, but then I have to use #include <myTest.h> rather than #include "myTest.h". This will cause portability problems later.

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you can add additional include directories in the C/C++ page of your project-properties. then you can use #include "...".

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The difference between "" and <> is that files included with "" will be found in the same directory as the source file, or in the system include path. Files included with <> are found only in the system include path.

Given that, do you have a file in your source directory that is the same name as the file you're trying to include?

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I do not. I was working on this same project in Xcode (on another computer, obviously) and adding the header file via "Add Existing Files" let me use "", so I figured there must also be a way of doing this in VS. – Maxpm Jan 14 '11 at 1:24

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