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Im trying to write a quick plugin that will load some AJAX content into a jQuery UI dialog and resize and center the dialog accordingly. Here's the gist of what it does:

$(mySelector).html('Loading...').load(options.url, function() {

    element = $(mySelector);

    element.dialog('option', 'height', element.height() + 50);
    element.dialog('option', 'width', element.width());
    element.dialog('option', 'position', 'center');


The height seems to be OK (adding some for padding the dialog adds) but the width is ALWAYS 274 no matter what. I think the dialog itself is setting the size limits on it. How can I set it to what the natural width of the loaded content would be?

Edit/Addition: It is returning the default size of the modal. Because even if it contains content that is wider (say a 500px image), the parent container (mySelector) may not be that wide (in FF at least), so it was always the default (300 - padding = 274). Is there any way to auto-detect what the width of the returned content would be at a minimum without it scrolling?)

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I used to have the same problem. If I remember, you need to first load the dialog and then load the content in it. That way, the dialog will auto resize to its content (with width=auto).

More less like this (tested):

var $dialog; //Must be at the global scope
function dialog(url) {
    $dialog.dialog("option", "width", "auto");
    $dialog.dialog("option", "height", "auto");
    $.get(url,{},function(html) {

$(function() {
    //Initialize (without showing it)
    var $dialog = $('<div id="dialog" title=""></div>').dialog({
        autoOpen: false,
        modal: true

Then you can do this:

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Do you mean load the content then initialize the dialog? Because I am creating the dialog and then loading the content currently. It'd be great if there was an auto-resize method for the dialog but I can't find anything like that. – Ryan Jan 14 '11 at 3:30
I updated and tested the code. Just include the JQuery-ui and dialog files. It works :) One advantage of doing it like this is that you can change the URL (even when the dialog is open) and it will resize itself automatically. No more code needed. – lepe Jan 14 '11 at 3:46
Thanks, that got me in the right track... the key was calling open (again in my case) on the callback after you do your $.get. My solution is actually going to be a little different than yours because of a couple other requirements... I'll post it here when it's done. Thanks again! – Ryan Jan 14 '11 at 3:50
Glad to help :D – lepe Jan 14 '11 at 3:52
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They key was to call open again after the content has been loaded, then re-center it. This will cause the dialog to do it's magic and resize everything properly and re-center itself. I'll post a plugin here once I get it cleaned up.

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A little late, but this is my working solution:

$("#dialog" ).dialog({
        autoOpen: false,
        modal: true,
        width: 'auto',
        height: 'auto',

        create: function(){
                var content = '<h1>This is some Content</h1>';
                $('.content', this).replaceWith(content);

        buttons: {
            Ok: function(){

The trick was to insert the dialog content in the 'create' handler.

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