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I have opencv installed on a win7 64 bit machine. I cant get eclipse to link to the appropriate libraries / includes in the project. All the documentation I can find is based on 2.1 or earlier and after 2.2 a lot of the structure was reorganized. I keep getting an error saying "C:\OpenCV2.2\include\opencv/highgui.h:47:39: fatal error: opencv2/highgui/highgui_c.h: No such file or directory"

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Change cv220, ... to name of libraries in your lib folder. For example, if you have libopencv_calib3d220.dll.a in your lib folder, then in Eclipse link to this lib with name libopencv_calib3d220 (without the .dll.a). It works!

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There is some 2.2 specific documentation here, building on VS2010 I did have to be careful to define all the include paths exactly as described. And a lot of the examples aren't converted to 2.2 properly

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