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As far as I see all commands operate on the same database in mongodb. I want to do something like this:

db.mySourceCollection.find().forEach( function(x){} );

where mySourceCollection is on liveDatabase and theDestinationCollection is on testDatabase.

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Use use :-)

> var documents = db.mySourceCollection.find()
> use testDatabase
switched to db testDatabase
> documents.forEach(function(x){ db.theDestinationCollection.insert(x) })

db is used to refer to the currently connected database, however you can switch databases on the fly using the use command, as I've shown above.

Check out the help command in the shell -- it mentions this command and much more!

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Thanks! I knew about use, but I wouldn't have thought of persisting the state in a variable. IMHO I'd expect a use() method on db for fluid use, e.g. db.use('sourceDb')'destDb'). – b7kich Jan 14 '11 at 18:55
It may happen that the database has UTF-8 characters. As this runs thru the client, if the client is the native one (for example for Ubuntu, $ mongo --version => MongoDB shell version: 1.6.3) it may lack UTF-8 and then the copy will fail. If this is the case and you don't want to put dirty into your server to recompile a new client, you can always recompile into a separate machine and do this job over the net connecting to a remote server. Nevertheless, the data will flow from the server to the client and back, so it can be slow. Anyway with a remote UTF-8 client, works!!! – Xavi Montero May 19 '12 at 19:22

use dbname doesn't work in scripted mode (i.e. when scripting the shell with javascript), so you should use the db.getSiblingDB() method instead to reassign the 'db' variable, e.g.:

db = db.getSiblingDB("otherdb")

More info here:

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