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I m using php 5.3.5 on windows xp and now i try to install ffmepg from this link http://sergey89.ru/files/ffmpeg-php-win32-all.zip when i resart my wamp server i got this warning PHP Startup:ffmpeg: Unable to initialize module Module compiled with modle API=2006013 PHP compiled with module API=20060626 These options need to match Kindly someone guide me how i correct this problem.

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  1. Download ffmpeg package from http://sergey89.ru/files/ffmpeg-php/ffmpeg-php-5.3-win32-all.zip

  2. Unzip package

  3. Move php_ffmpeg.dll to php extension dir (usually c:\wamp\php\ext)

  4. Move all other files to Windows\System32

  5. Add extension=php_ffmpeg.dll to php.ini (usually c:\wamp\php\php.ini)

  6. Enable enable_dl=on to php.ini (usually c:\wamp\php\php.ini)

  7. Restart all services in apache server

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