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I have a situation where my DB tables are like below, I am wondering how to have JPA mappings for this kind of tables , espacially for the auction_param_values which do not have primary key ID

Table Name : auction with primary key as auction_id

Table Name : *auction_param* with primary key as auction_param_id

Table AUCTIO_PARAM is used stores the details of parameters such as Start_Date,End_Date etc.

auction_param_id | auction_param_desc 

1                | start date
2                | end_date 

Table Name : auction_param_values

It stores the actual values of that parameters related to Auction.

Table looks like:-

auction_id | auction_param_id | auction_param value | 

   1       |      2           |      2011-01-15     | 

How will the entity class look for the auction_param_values ? is there any pointer on how we can design the schema to support JPA (we are using Eclipselink as a provider).

If require I can provide more details.

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dont know if I understood correctly but this might be what you need:

public class Auction {

    private Integer id;

    private Map<AuctionParam, AuctionParamValue> values;


public class AuctionParam {

    private Integer id;

    private String description;


public class AuctionParamValue {

    private AuctionParamValuePK pk;

    private String value;


public class AuctionParamValuePK {

    private Auction auction;

    private AuctionParam auctionParam;

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Thanks For your reply.I implemented the way you have suggested however I found it is showing an error.And i tried to resolve it but I m unable to figure it out.Error-Details:-Exception Description: Entity [class com.eaportal.domain.AuctionParamValue] uses [class com.eaportal.domain.AuctionParamValuePK] as embedded id class whose access-type has been determined as [FIELD]. But [class com.eaportal.domain.AuctionParamValuePK] does not define any [FIELD]. It is likely that you have not provided sufficient metadata in your id class [class com.eaportal.domain.AuctionParamValuePK]. – tushar Jan 18 '11 at 12:48

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