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I want to create a website. I want to use Ajax for every hyperlink and form. I wanted to use jquery but it is hard to create a general code for every link. I want to know if there is any PHP MVC Framewrok which works with ajax? thanx.

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@Kenan, There wasn't in december but now there is Agile Toolkit. It's open source too.

The way how it works is you put a "View" on your "Page" and then can manipulate with it through javascript. So here is example:

$button=$page->add('Button')->setLabel('Reload Ipsum');

$button->js('click', $view->js()->reload());

Clicking button would use AJAX to reload the section of the page.

Please comment and let me know what if this is what you were looking for. As a contributor i'm interested.

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This is interesting, thanks for pointing it out. – David Houde Apr 19 '11 at 12:26
this is a good framework – Robi Nov 20 '12 at 15:48

Currently they're no "full" ajax mvc's for PHP - BUT:

Check out, or

Since they're frameworks, the interfaces you will be using for the application can be implemented onto the platform; you'll be able to use the MVC-framework as platform for a self-written wrapper you put onto it..

[ [FRAMEWORK] <------> [CONTROL] <------> [VIEW] ] <------> [APPLICATION]

If you implement it like that, the application uses a second layer which is managed by the mvc and requestable via an internal API.

Might seem complicated, but well, the only and to me most logical solution :)

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