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We want to sell digital content through subscription model in our app. Is it possible to support a subscription bundle? Let's say content in question is magazine subscription for $0.99 a month. Is it possible to support a bundle of subscription such that user can subscribe to any three magazine by buying a bundle for let's say $1.99? Or is it possible to support eat-all-you-can model - $3.99 for subscribing to all magazines in our app?

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According to the official documents from Apple, yes you can. What you need to do is design your iAP store and items according to Apple's requirements.

Getting Started with In App Purchase on iPhone OS (Version 2.0)



Subscriptions and subscription renewals to content or services can be offered to customers for purchase. You can offer customers the opportunity to renew their content or service subscriptions using In App Purchase, but be sure to define a reasonable renewal frequency to avoid bothering users with unwelcome reminders. Be aware that you are responsible for both tracking subscription expirations and for renewal billing; the App Store does not monitor subscription duration and does not offer an automatic billing mechanism. Be sure to indicate when an item is a subscription when entering its product information into iTunes Connect.

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Thanks for your response. I understand that in App purchase supports subscriptions. But what I am looking for is bundling of subscriptions. Let's say we have 5 different catalog items. A user can buy subscriptions to any of these 5 items individually. Additionally, can we also sell a bundled subscription to 3 of those 5 items? By subscribing to the bundle, user can choose any 3 items from the listed 5 items? –  Rajat Jan 19 '11 at 6:47
@Rajat: I think it's achievable as long as you describe them in a succinct and clear way to the Apple Review Team and your app users. I would suggest you make each of those subscription bundles a standalone iAP subscription item, and price them accordingly. –  Di Wu Jan 19 '11 at 7:01

Both of these features are supported, they are called consumable and non-consumable in-app purchases.

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