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I'm new in silverlight and prism framework and I want to explore some working silverlight applications that are based on prism.

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Prism itself comes with some samples (although of dubious quality). You can check these out in case you missed them. – Sander Jan 14 '11 at 10:04
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As well as the included samples, there's an interesting set of articles here, complete with source code.

There's also some source at Elegant Code which I found useful, as well as a whole list of examples and tutorials at Patterns and Practices Guidance.

Also be aware that there are many alternatives to Prisim, and you could always write your own simple MVVM architecture if you were interested in learning more about it. For more information, Jeremy Likeness has a great article over at code project about the architecture, entitled MVVM Explained. I found this to be hugely helpful when developing my first Silverlight MVVM application.

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Check out Prism hands-on labs and quickstarts (make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page):

Also, you may find this episode on Understanding the Value of Prism useful.

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