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I would like to do something similar to the following (which is using jdbc as the datasource in the table model) but with hibernate. How do I go about it please? Thanks

  // Table Model
    import javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel;
    import java.sql.*;
    import java.util.Vector;

    public class MyTableModel extends AbstractTableModel {

    Connection myConnect; // Hold the JDBC Connection
    Statement myStatement; // Will contain the SQL statement
    ResultSet myResultSet; // Contains the result of my SQL statement
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You can do something like:

public class MyTableModel extends AbstractTableModel {
    Session mySession; // Hibernate Session, used to run queries
    String myHQL; // Will contain the HQL statement
    List<?> myResult; // Contains the result of my HQL statement

Hope I could understand you question.

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Thanks for the answer. That might do the trick. –  kochu Jan 18 '11 at 15:23

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