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I wonder if the following is possible.

A user logs in on my website, using a username and password using his default browser.

Later on, my C# program is run on the same PC. I want to check if the user is logged in in the default browser, so I can access a webpage that is in the registered-only area. Is this somehow possible?

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I number of possibilities come to mind:

  • You could check their cookie folder for a valid cookie for your site
  • Check the browser history (perhaps using a toolbar)
  • Use the web browser control so that users log-in through your app

I have never seen either of the above in practice.

I think the best method would be to set up the site to ask for credentials if they're not logged in - so the user can enter them and continue. You'll find this method in most (if not all) of the major websites out there that have client installed software (such as the Gmail Notifier)

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