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I have a Table Category,

1) Id
2) CategoryName
3) CategoryMaster

with data as:

1 Computers 0
2 Software 1
3 Multimedia 1
4 Animation 3
5 Health 0
6 Healthsub 5

and i have created recursive query as:

 ;WITH CategoryTree AS
  SELECT *, CAST(NULL AS VARCHAR(50)) AS ParentName, 0 AS Generation    
  FROM dbo.Category    
  WHERE CategoryName = 'Computers'

  UNION ALL        

  SELECT Cat.*,CategoryTree.CategoryName AS ParentName, Generation + 1    
  FROM dbo.Category AS Cat  INNER JOIN 
  CategoryTree ON Cat.CategoryMaster = CategoryTree.Id

 SELECT * FROM CategoryTree

I get the results for parent category to bottom, like i get all sub categories for computer

but i want the results from bottom-up like from Animation to Computers, please can some one suggest me right direction.

Thank you in advance :)

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Just swap the fields in the join clause:

WITH CategoryTree AS
        SELECT  *, 0 AS Generation    
        FROM    dbo.Category
        WHERE   CategoryName = 'Animation'
        UNION ALL
        SELECT  Cat.*, Generation + 1    
        FROM    CategoryTree
        JOIN    dbo.Category AS Cat
        ON      Cat.Id = CategoryTree.CategoryMaster
FROM    CategoryTree
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