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The problem is, I have a set of links onclick of those links I am setting the linkId into a Hidden field. First my link were asp:linkbutton ans onClientClick I was setting the hiddenfield value.that time I was able to get the hidden field value from code behind but when I changed my links to HTML anchor and onClick I set the hidden field value , I am not getting hidden field with blank. when I debug JavaScript it is perfectly setting the hidden field value but why I am not getting it in code behind---my code-

<a href="./ContentPage.aspx"  data-flexmenu='flexmenu1' onclick="javascript:setPageLinkId(1);">

<script type="text/javascript">
    function setPageLinkId(lnkPageId) {
        document.getElementById('<%=hdnSelectedLink.ClientID %>').value = lnkPageId.toString();            


//code behind- here I get blank hidden field
if (hdnSelectedLink.Value != null && hdnSelectedLink.Value != "")


Whats the problem ,Please suggest?

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Does your page have a hidden field with the id of whatever '<%=hdnSelectedLink.ClientID %>' transforms to? Also your code behind - is this code in a spot where it is called after submitting the page? If not this is why ASP can't see the value. –  scunliffe Jan 14 '11 at 11:34

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My theory is that the click on the anchor doesn't cause a postback to the page. Rather a HTTP GET Request to "ContentPage.aspx" is issued, meaning that any form values are not posted to the server.

You need to use a control that causes a postback to the page...for example ASP:LinkButton as you had before.

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@Ozzy you were right dude.I used this in my javascript-


its working fine now.

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