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I need to convert and int to hex string.

when converting 1400 => 578 using ToString("X") or ToString("X2") but I need it like 0578.

Can anyone provide me the IFormatter to ensure that the string has 4 chars long?

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Look at numerics formats here. – Ariel Jan 14 '11 at 11:25
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Use ToString("X4").

The 4 means that the string will be 4 digits long.

Reference: The Hexadecimal ("X") Format Specifier on MSDN.

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It is not good for negative numbers, use a 'short' type instead of 'int' – Mauro Raymondi Jan 27 at 15:54

Try the following:


See The X format specifier on MSDN.

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Previous answer is not good for negative numbers. Use a short type instead of int

        short iValue = -1400;
        string sResult = iValue.ToString("X2");
        Console.WriteLine("Value={0} Result={1}", iValue, sResult);

Now result is FA88

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