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Is there a way to make a "Browsable" attribute conditional, so the property that applies it will sometimes appear in the properties page and sometimes not?
thanks :)

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There is no easy way.

You can possibly work this out by implementing ICustomTypeDescriptor. Here is a good article about implementing ICustomTypeDescriptor.

Or you can associate your own ControlDesigner with your class and override the PreFilterProperties method to add or remove properties viewed in the property grid.

Removing certain properties from property grid.

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You can do this by providing a custom type-model; at the simplest level, you can provide a custom TypeDescriptor for your type derived from ExpandableObjectConverter, and simply include/exclude the given property at whim - but this only works with PropertyGrid - used by the properties page. A more complex approach is to use ICustomTypeDescriptor / TypeDescriptionProvider - this can then work inside things like DataGridView

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I'm not sure this applies to your situation, but you can adjust the "Browsable" decoration at run-time by calling the function below.

/// <summary>
/// Set the Browsable property.
/// NOTE: Be sure to decorate the property with [Browsable(true)]
/// </summary>
/// <param name="PropertyName">Name of the variable</param>
/// <param name="bIsBrowsable">Browsable Value</param>
private void setBrowsableProperty(string strPropertyName, bool bIsBrowsable)
    // Get the Descriptor's Properties
    PropertyDescriptor theDescriptor = TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(this.GetType())[strPropertyName];

    // Get the Descriptor's "Browsable" Attribute
    BrowsableAttribute theDescriptorBrowsableAttribute = (BrowsableAttribute)theDescriptor.Attributes[typeof(BrowsableAttribute)];
    FieldInfo isBrowsable = theDescriptorBrowsableAttribute.GetType().GetField("Browsable", BindingFlags.IgnoreCase | BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance);

    // Set the Descriptor's "Browsable" Attribute
    isBrowsable.SetValue(theDescriptorBrowsableAttribute, bIsBrowsable);
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I came across this in search of a way to declare certain members visible or hidden in IntelliSense and be able to change it once for all that needed to be hidden at compile time. I can't tell if that's what you were looking for or not, but I found an answer to my question... figured it couldn't hurt to share.

I set a conditional compilation symbol (found in the Build tab of project properties) IS_VIS (value being true if you want certain members to show, false if your want to hide them) and then:

#if IS_VIS
    public const System.ComponentModel.EditorBrowsableState isVis =
    public const System.ComponentModel.EditorBrowsableState isVis =

you then reference the isVis variable in the attribute:

public string myMethod...

I did this in VB and this was hastily converted to c#. If something doesn't work right, let me know.

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