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Is there any way to inherit settings in the .config file from a subassembly?


  • Imagine I have an assembly .NET that does something like connect to a database, or a remote WCF service. This assembly is called "Connect.dll", and its config file is "Connect.dll.config".
  • This sub assembly is called from the main program, "main.exe", its config file is "main.exe.config".
  • Is there some way to import the settings from "connect.dll.config" into "main.config", without having to copy the appropriate .xml lines in in by hand?
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My reason for this question? This would make deployment of a standalone assembly much, much easier. Alternatively, if there is some programmatic way of importing the .config file for the subassembly, I'm all ears. –  Contango Jan 14 '11 at 11:21
You could use configSection attribute: stackoverflow.com/a/480750/750216 –  Răzvan Panda Jun 12 at 11:35

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Unfortunately, no. There is however possible to load configuration from the "Connect.dll.config" manually using the ConfigurationManager API.

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