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Some pages can receive a certain request parameter called "P1":

Right now a scriptlet is testing the existence of the request parameter, and if P1 is "value1" some information is rendered on the page .

Instead of using a scriptlet I want to rewrite this using Struts tags .

Can you please give me some hints on what to use ?

The alternative scriptlet is something like this:

String p1 = request.getParameter("P1");
if ("value1".equals(p1)) {
//do something
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I believe that you should something like this. This is standard taglib and it is better idea than struts tags

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c"%>

<c:if test="${not empty param.P1}">
    hello there
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try this-

<c:if test="${not empty requestScope.P1}" >

it would work for me.

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