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Why does my offline maintenance page uses the Garland theme if I've set zen and bluemarine themes for front-end / back-end of my Drupal website ?

How can I set my offline page theme ?

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Remenber that there are two separate off-line pages in drupal: one for if you've set the site to maintenance mode, and a second one that is shown if the database is actually down, in which case it can't even load any theme stuff. – Spudley Jan 14 '11 at 12:40
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You can set it in settings.php. Just set

$conf['maintenance_theme'] = 'zen';

This should do it (in theory).

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This is from settings.php (in your sites/default directory)

/** * A custom theme can be set for the off-line page. This applies when the site * is explicitly set to off-line mode through the administration page or when * the database is inactive due to an error. It can be set through the * 'maintenance_theme' key. The template file should also be copied into the * theme. It is located inside 'modules/system/maintenance-page.tpl.php'. * Note: This setting does not apply to installation and update pages. */

'maintenance_theme' => 'minnelli'

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